公の「NIKTO」の根本的はここです。でも、この記事は大筋です! 「LINUX」の「NIKTO」の設備が易しいです。

$ sudo apt install nikto 

ああ、そですか。=) 実は、apt-get を使わなかった



$ nikto -h 


$ nikto -h localhost 


$ nikto -h https://localhost $ nikto -h localhost -ssl 

でも、このは唯一「 HTTPS」です。80は デフォルトの ポートです! ポートですのコマンドは-p

$ nikto -h -p 443 

ああ、一緒 に例えをみましょう!

$ nikto -h https://example.jp -p 443, 50, 63, 24, 80 

その例えはポートがたくさんありあります! それは可能です。 👍🏽

も、PROXYを使うことができます。すごいですね! 「nikto.conf」を編集すですください。「PROXYのコマンドは-useproxy


The future is now

Hannah wakes up every morning at half past six. In order to avoid waking up Samantha, her partner, Hannah uses a vibration module in her stylish wristband as an alarm clock. She chooses one of her 3D printed cases for her prosthetic arm, takes her backpack and goes out. The mirror in the elevator tells her the traffic, the temperature and how good she looks today, Hannah sighs preparing herself for a new day. Shortly after she realizes she’s watching her own reflection in the dusty door of the subway, she is not even paying...


It’s been a long time since my security sprint publications I took some vacations in order to further studying, work and practice a bit more about some security areas I’ve been working on. My lasts efforts have been laid over distributed systems and how to apply security in ubiquitous networks. I aim to write a larger paper about this, but for now I’d love to share a sneak of the possibilities surrounding this interesting topic.

Divide to conquer!

Ubiquitous computing is leading us to a brand new relationship between users and...


From “you are crazy” to “why even?” are some of the things my friends in the computer science environment have told me when I started working with Haskell in general and security in particular. Answering in order, yes I’m crazy but not because of Haskell and well, there’s a reason why I chose to use Haskell for security. First of all, functional programming is the new black and probably more and more apps will be build using it. Choosing a pure functional language for security is not that crazy. On the other hand, the mathematical approaching Haskell has is very...



Las JASYP (Jornadas sobre Anonimato, Seguridad y Privacidad) son unas jornadas organizadas por Interferencias que pretende dar un espacio a todas aquellas personas con inquietudes sobre los problemas que encontramos en el día a día cada vez que usamos Internet o cualquier ordenador en general.

En este 2018 hemos lanzado la segunda edición de este evento, donde esperamos poder aprender mucho, aprovechar los días incluso más, y sacar partido del buen rollo que Granada siempre brinda en sus bares. La edición de este año tendrá lugar los días VIERNES 13 Y SÁBADO 14 DE ABRIL...