Friday was such an intense day regarding to security. First of all I started investigating for a class assignment about Distributed Ledger (as in Bitcoin system) applied to other things such as energy industry, communication and similar. A distributed ledger is a database held and updated independently by each participant (or node) in a large network. The lacking of central authority makes individual nodes process every transaction, and update the ledger again (for every node).

I found this deeply interesting and started investigating about Ethereum as its documentation provides a...


As my second week in my security intensive study a huge opportunity appeared in my life! Casually, I’ve been asked to guide a group of students into Network monitoring and Forensic, which is already my favourite security module. I wanted to study in a wider range, as I already said in week one, but right now I should put most of my efforts in the group goals, also I’m excited with the opportunity of learning from these guys.

Anyway, I’d like to start this article with a brief explanation on “where to sniff”, where in a network should we...


I’m very interested in cybersecurity and I’m studying it on my own alongside computer engineering. In order to improve this research, I decided to organize an intense studying sprint in cybersec, and jumping into “semi professional” projects, using Zerodium and similar. Before presenting a formal vulnerability to these pages, I want to prepare myself. I’m used to work with Network System Monitoring and similar, but I want to reach a wider action zone.

This week I started looking for resources, books, pages and inspiration. I read a couple of books, but they seemed quite for begginners (as they firstly speak...


Many people has heard about Bitcoins, the decentralized virtual currency, but as famous as it could be, most of the population doesn’t know exactly what it is and how it works, not to mention is barely used.

What are BITCOINS?

A Bitcoin is a decentralized, worldwide, virtual currency system. It’s a peer-to-peer distributed system in which users own a key that are usually stored in digital wallets on each user’s computer, and that key is used to prove the ownership of a transaction unblocking the value and letting different owners use it....


You might have heard about the technique of Ducky debugging in which you tell a rubber ducky your dev problems and then you know how to solve them, but this is not the case, we are talking about nasty duckies here, not cute problem solvers ones.

Regardless the name, Rubber Ducky is the name of a hacking injection device that consist in a pen drive and a micro SD. The pack itself also comes with the case, and a couple of USB adapters.

The device imitates the human keyboard input, “Humans use...