Since tech became open and community guided, the fear of developing tools for the users and not for the companies or the government has grown bigger. In recent news a new bill is presented in which Justice Department will be able to require manufacturers of OS and devices as well as communication providers the ability to decrypt data upon request.

The whole point of encryption is to ensure the security of your information. Requiring your information to be safe is not just a matter of “hiding” stuff. Several cyberattacks...


Due to my work I tend to use brute force lists a lot, mostly to test incorrect login management. Sometimes I feel I get really close to correct passwords either guessing or using profiling tools. I don’t know if some of you, when it comes to change the default or old passwords you just take your old one and change it a bit. That’s mostly wrong btw.

In any case recently I felt like hand-writing customized lists out of guessing on a text file was a poorly decision, so I decided to...


私の専門 はハードウェアのハッキング! 電子機器を設計を楽しんでいます。基本的な物理学を復習しましょう、お先に 。


ハッキング ために電子機器を設計は楽しいですしかしむずかしいですよ。はじめに、サイバー攻撃を考えてなければなrない。Bluetoothプロファイルの一覧はありますか?、WiFi 【ワイファイ】はありますか?

  • 複雑の プロセシング を使て(ために)、RASPBERRY PIはとてもいいです。ネットワークの捕獲の仕掛けために私はRASPERRY PI 4 もとZEROを使て。
  • ARDUINOはRASPBERRYより簡単です。でも、 PENDRIVEのバックドアのサイバー攻撃 ためにいいです。(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ:・゚✧ [ コンピュータを注視 ほうがいいですよ ]:・゚✧


Also written in: https://dev.to/terceranexus6/-2gcp


Recently I’ve been reading about ways to help your neighbourhood with the COVID-19 crisis, here in Spain. But one of the tips they gave was quite unsecure, because it’s based in the fact that everyone is nice: “Share your WiFi!” well, it is a wonderful idea to share your Internet connection if you know how to protect it and have different channels for you and your guests. On the other hand trusting on unknown open WiFis is also a bad idea. I want to show today why, using a Wifi pineapple.



A tale of spies and (cyber)war

It was the start of 2010, Iran. The Atomic Energy Agency noticed something was wrong in the Natanz uranium enrichment plant. It seemed weird, as centrifuges that were used to enrich uranium gas were starting to fail. They decided to replace them. On summer of that year, computers in the Iranian plant started to fail and reboot on their own and no one knew what was going on. Imagine being the system administrator and feeling all that chaos and not knowing what’s going on. The...