¡Hola! Hoy os venimos a hablar de móviles, una de las claves de la vigilancia masiva en el tiempo que estamos.

Como ya sabemos, una de las claves para defenderse de la vigilancia masiva es usar el máximo posible de software libre, ya que este está continuamente auditado por la propia comunidad e incluso uno mismo es capaz de ver el código fuente.

En los móviles, por desgracia, esta no es la tónica general y, aunque el proyecto Android sea libre, las aplicaciones de Google que vienen en todos los teléfonos que compramos, no lo son. Menos aún si vienen...


I’m not very comfortable speaking about politics, And I won’t, as this is not the place to write about it. But I got very interested in the digital role of yesterday. Please! I completely discourage political comments, I’m just trying to create a technical analysis, and this is a technology blog!

For the ones who are lost in the context, I will shortly explain before starting the digital analysis:

Catalunya is legally part of Spain, but some of the inhabitants have expressed their desire of being independent. Our constitution states that such an act is not...


Security in computer science is a huge point every individual and company. Communications (either between humans or human-network or whichever online communication) are susceptible to be sniffed or manipulated.

For example, using http instead of https is insecure (sometimes even tagged by your browser as untrustful) as information that goes through it is not encrypted and someone is able to impersonate your accounts with the collected data. This is why https everywhere and privacy badger are recommended for secure browsing.

But when we say “encrypt”, what are we referring to?

Back in the days when computers weren’t a...


This Saturday (September 16th) is Software Freedom Day, and for this special day I created a repo with a surprise, a printable pdf party hat. This is the image of the party hat:

The repo also includes in Spanish a very brief introduction to what is Software Freedom Day, what is GNU and what is GNU/Linux. Enjoy yourselves!

Originally written in: https://dev.to/terceranexus6/software-freedom-day-party-hat


Last night I wrote a manifesto trying to sum up all my thoughts in my internet censorship investigation. As I made it completely out of the blue as a sketch it was in my mother tongue (spanish) but today I decided to translate it, just in case anyone who don’t speak spanish wanted to read it. The original is in this link. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this! I’d love to read them.

I’m only twenty-one, but still, since I can remember, Our routine has changed considerably. When I was a toddler, internet was...