By chance I discovered an old World Wide Web consortium (W3C) project that has been abandoned for a while. Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) is supposed to be a protocol which gives the opportunity to declare the intended usage of collected information of web browser users in specific pages, in order to make a standardized way of protecting user privacy. At first I thought this was a wonderful idea, and reminded me a lot of the cookies policies problems. This should be an example of syntax of statements for policy (taken from Web Privacy with P3P by Lorrie...






あなたはHTTPプロトコル案じるですか 試みるにここをクリックください






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Año nuevo, quedada nueva.

El año 2018 ya está aquí, así que una vez que han terminado las navidades volvemos a reunirnos para recuperar el ritmo de actividad.

No hace ni un mes que la neutralidad de la red fue “tumbada” en USA y todavía estamos pendientes de cómo repercutirá eso en el resto del mundo; aunque estos días todo el mundo está mucho más pendiente de la gran cantidad de criptomonedas que están inflándose/desinflándose/aparenciendo y de no tener un terrible agujero de seguridad en sus procesadores por culpa de Meltdown y Spectre.

La idea es volver a juntarnos para...


I must confess I’m a big fan of 80’s and 90’s tech. I grew up admiring cyberpunk stuff, wore green lab goggles until I was fourteen and used computers since I was three. I enjoy learning the newest tool for the tech field and be up to date, but I have a natural attraction for the classics. I admire them for being the beginning of everything we have now, and that way I just wanted to learn about IRC channels for fun.

But then I discovered a rather interesting tool for managing...


Guille Hartek is a spanish computer engineer working in security. I met him a year ago when he accepted to give a speech in a security event which our privacy and digital rights awareness group organized. He writes about security in “Follow the White Rabbit”, a spanish blog about security which won a national prize. Today, I’m writing down a quick interview with him. As he doesn’t want me to put a picture of him, I will leave here this vague sketch I made:

Me: First of all, I’d like to...